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Introducing the Brella Bag

What is Brella Bag?

The Brella Bag, is a hands free umbrella holder. It works great with any golf umbrella and adjusts to fit many other umbrellas.

It is an umbrella holder designed to give you the hands free ability to do many tasks while being protected from the rain or sun. Rain or Shine, use anytime!
It comes in one size, but has adjustable straps for many sizes.

A golf umbrella works best but there is a snap to give the option of using an umbrella with a shorter shaft. It also has an inside pouch for a curved handle umbrella.

The size of the bag not including the straps is 9 1/2 X 9.

The bag will hold many items and also has a separate zippered pouch for smaller items.

The velcro around the shaft holds the umbrella down and it helps to have some weight in the bag.

There is also a strap on the back of the bag to put a belt or strap through to keep the bag against the body.

The snap on umbrella pouch can also be snapped shut once the umbrella handle is in the pouch so that the umbrella stays more secure.

The Brella bag is not recommended in dangerously strong winds

The Brella Bag can be used while operating any mobility device
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