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WaterWheels by AccessRec LLC is the newest floating beach wheelchair for beach and water mobility.
Waterwheels is lightweight, yet sturdy, all-terrain chair that has capabilities for easier access in sand, soft soil and snow. The exciting new WaterWheels allows wheelchair users the wonderful opportunity to be rolled and floated right out into the water! Highly durable and easy to maintain, this floating wheelchair is constructed of lightweight stainless steel and highlights a breathable, mildew-resistant mesh seat that will dry quickly out of the water, along with puncture-resistant and non-corrosive balloon flotation tires. These tires additionally give the wheelchair extra stability which makes them resistant to tipping on rough terrain in or out of the water. Specifically recommended for use in various aquatic therapies, this is also the perfect chair to take to the beach. Highly visible yellow floats on the arms combined with the flotation tires transform this all-terrain wheelchair into a relaxing, comfortable water float device. Now wheelchair users donít even have to leave their seats or worry about transfers and lifts with this fun new floating wheelchair. Just roll on out into the water and float away to your heartís content! Safe, secure and comfortable

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