Limited Warranty
1. Deming Designs warrants its products, other than tires and slings, against defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years, from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited, at Deming Design’s option, to the repair or replacement of, or the issuing of a credit for, any defective equipment or part covered by this limited warranty. Deming Design shall have the right to require that prepaid by the person claiming under the warranty. Deming Designs shall invoice for all charges, parts, labor and transportation for repairs to or replacement of any products found not to be defective or otherwise not covered bv the terms of this warranty. Deming Design’s liability is limited to the amount charged by Deming Designs for the defective product and this warranty does not include transportation charges and labor cost for removal or re-installation.

2. Not withstanding the above limited warranty, Deming Designs will have no liability whatsoever, if any defect in a product is found to have resulted from the improper storage, use or service of the product, including but not limited to storage, use or service not consistent with Deming Design’s written instructions and recommendations, if any. In addition, Deming Designs shall be without liability for any defect in any product which Deming Designs, in its opinion, determines has resulted from the product being installed, repaired or altered by someone other than by Deming Designs. Deming Designs also will be without liability in the effect the person claiming under this limited warranty fails to deliver notice of the alleged defect to Deming Designs within sixty months from the date of original purchase from Deming Designs or within thirty days after the defect was or reasonably should have been discovered, whichever earlier.

3. Deming Designs does not warrant the merchantability of fitness or any particular purpose of tis products and does not make any warranty, express or implied, other than the limited warranty contained herein.

4. Deming Designs shall in no event be liable for any damages or losses arising from the loss of use of the product, any commercial loss, consequential damages or incidental damages arising from a defect in material and/or workmanship covered under this warranty.

5. Deming Designs reserves the right to make changes in design or improvements in its products without notice and without the obligation to incorporate the same in any products previously manufactured.

6. Deming Designs has not authorized anyone to make any representation or warranty other than the warranty contained herein.

Except where prohibited by law, this limited warranty represents the total agreement between you and Deming Designs as to Deming Design’s liability in the effect of defects in workmanship or material of any Deming Designs manufactured or supplied products, and you accept or use any such products subject to this limited warranty, waiving any other rights you may have against Deming Designs for any claims arising out of any defect in workmanship or materials. To the extent any one or more provisions of this limited warranty are held to be prohibited by law, the remaining provisions of this limited warranty shall be severed and given the full force and effect permitted by law.

General selling conditions

*Deming Designs, Inc. is not responsible for shipping damages. The product is shipped fully insured. Upon delivery, the buyer must have the delivery person acknowledge, in writing, any damage to the box and ask him for the procedure to follow.

*Refusal of shipment: we will reimburse your payment less a 10% restocking fee and less shipping charges.

*Return policy: the product must be returned in “as-new” condition, in its original packaging and sent back within 30 days to the address we will tell you. Customer is responsible for all shipping related charges. We will refund your payment less a 10% restocking fee and less shipping charges. If the product is not returned as described above, we will charge you also the cost of bringing it back to “as-new” condition.

*The buyer acknowledges receipt of a copy of the User’s Guide: “Deming Designs, Inc. ASSEMBLY, OPERATION AND SAFETY MANUAL” and fully agrees to its terms and conditions.

*This Agreement shall be construed, and any dispute shall be resolved, under the laws of the State of Florida any dispute which cannot be settled between the buyer and Deming Designs, Inc. shall be exclusively settled by arbitration according to the procedure and rules used by Deming Designs, Inc.


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